The Salsa Truck

Packaging Concept 

The Salsa Truck is Chicago's first onboard-cooking food truck, cruising around the neighborhoods, serving up delicious tacos and fresh salsa. They contacted me to help concept a packaging line to sell their salsas in grocery stores in the Chicagoland area.

They wanted to keep their image clean and bright, with bold colors and bold type. They didn't know yet how many different types of salsa and hot sauce they would offer. They had an existing logo, and colors to build from. And they wanted to keep things as simple and DIY as possible.  

My solution was a modular system that can be printed easily from a home office printer. I used the existing brand collateral to build a system of packaging with a simple grid. The colors are based around Chicago's "EL" line colors, and the grid can be read as the Chicago street grid. The labels are rectangular, easily cut, and placed around the belly of a mason jar with the existing logo as a sticker on the top of the jar.